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You are worthy

You’re not worthy, no one loves you, no one would miss you if you were gone. These are all lies the enemy tries to throw at us to bring us down. I remember some of my darkest bouts of depression, when I allowed the fear of opinions and not being loved by others to guide my actions. I should have clung to the garments of Christ and his unwavering love for me. As a child of God, he loves us even when all those around us seem to be spewing nothing but hate. I had to turn each person over to God. When I turned their thoughts and words over to God and prayed for them the weight of their influence was lifted off of my shoulders. Without the heaviness I felt in my heart and mind, I could then focus on a Christ centered relationship with the people around me. Healthy boundaries formed, allowing some relationships to flourish and the ones I needed to walk away from, he gave me the strength to do so. God loves us, and sometimes we get so wrapped up in the world that we forget that. We get so down on ourselves thinking we are unlovable but he gave us the ultimate showcase of love. ~Robin

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