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Pay Them Back With Blessings

I think this is probably one of the main areas I struggle with the most. Often, we want to retaliate immediately when we hear someone say harsh things towards us. We hear of bullying and people getting upset over words and actions. Sometimes, people end up going to extremes when they feel like they were insulted. When we retaliate, it does not help the situation, and even though we may feel better in the moment, we almost always have regrets that linger on long after. I dealt with bullying growing up and was the social outcast in a lot of groups. Some of the behaviors of my older siblings caused people to have misconceptions about me and what I could or couldn’t do. Some even told me my name (Robin) was fitting because that was probably what I would be doing when I was older (robbing people). It took me a long time to get over, but I now know and tell my children, “Your value and worth doesn’t come from what other people think or say about you, but from the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.” This is how we must treat others as well. Instead of retaliating when someone hurts us, the Bible says we are to bless them (see Romans 12:14-21). When you do, the anger releases and you both end up blessed, and when you turn their behavior over to God, he can give you peace in the situation. ~Robin

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