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March 2019

We’re now in a season of the Christian year known as the Season of the Cross. Many of our Christian brothers and sisters call it Lent, which comes from the Latin word for “lengthen.” Because this season happens during the spring of the year, when the days are getting longer, the name just seemed to fit. For me personally, though, I choose to call it the “Season of the Cross.” I do this because I need to be reminded of the cross. I need to be reminded of the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and I need to be reminded that it was my own sin that put Jesus on the cross. Jesus died for all of us. We know that. But I need to be reminded that Jesus died for ME… for MY sins. And so, during this season, we focus on the cross.

This year, between now and Good Friday, we’re going to journey with Jesus to the cross. We started last week with Jesus’ Royal Entry into Jerusalem. He entered as King, and the people received him as King… BUT… they welcomed Jesus for who they THOUGHT he was, not who Jesus REALLY was. For the next 5 Sundays, we’ll continue to walk with Jesus on the way to the cross.

Speaking of journeying to the cross, this is also the year for our Easter Pageant, which we call “Journey to the Cross.” This is a huge endeavor, and we need all hands on deck. Please, if you’re able, we need you to help with this project. There will be sign-up sheets in the back of the sanctuary beginning this Sunday.

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