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Hope, Peace, Joy, Love

As I mentioned in my sermon this past Sunday, 2020 has been full of conundrums and complexities. If you’re old enough to remember 2019, then you’re old enough to remember a time when life was much simpler. Because 2020 has been so frazzling complicated, it’s leaving me longing for a simpler Christmas this year. Yes, the presents are nice and the food is nice, especially the Chex mix and sausage balls, but all that stuff really is “extra,” isn’t it? It’s nice, but it’s not absolutely essential. So, here’s my encouragement to you this year: try to keep Christmas simple. Now, I’m not saying you should do away with gifts or Christmas food, especially not the Chex mix and sausage balls! However, I want to encourage you to keep your focus squarely on Christ this Advent, leading up to Christmas. Reflect on the hope, peace, joy, and love that Christ brings to our lives. Think about these things. Dwell on them. And, even though I can’t be 100% sure, I bet if we occupy our minds with these things, Christmas will seem a whole lot simpler this year. Sure, there are plenty of things beyond our control, but, for our part, let’s do what we can to simplify Christmas, by meditating on the hope of Christ, the peace of Christ, the joy of Christ, and the love of Christ.

Love y’all!


PS: I really do love y'all, and I long for a time when we can all meet together safely again.

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