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He Leads Us Through it All

I know I struggle with this. There have been some trials in my life that have brought me to my knees

and joys that caused me to stretch out my arms and thank God for his blessings. With every trial and

challenge we go through, there is a joy and victory at the end. We may not see it in the moment, but,

looking back, God often blesses us through them. This past year has brought us many times to our

knees praying. It’s been hard in so many ways for so many people—health, job, finances, loneliness,

constant anxiety and uncertainty. God doesn’t always work the way we want him to or the way we

think he ought to, but God knows what he’s doing and always gives us exactly what we need, when we

need it. So, let this be our prayer: “Lord be with us as this new year begins. Guide our families and

homes that we may begin with renewed hope in you this year. Things that often bring us to our knees

will bring ours arms outstretched in thanksgiving, as you bring us through. Give us strength in the

struggles and joy in your victories. Help us to lean on you and to know you are our guide. In Jesus’ name

Amen.” ~Robin

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