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Have you Heard Your Calling

Hello, Hello, anyone there.? Have you heard your calling? I remember picking up Kinslee’s crib from a couple who was selling off all of their things and moving to China to be missionaries with their two young daughters. I thought what an amazing, but nervous opportunity. Not everyone is called to be a missionary and travel to another land preaching God’s Word. Sometimes your calling may be to be a Teacher, Doctor, Engineer, or any number of other jobs. No matter what job God has called you to, you have an opportunity to spread his Word. Listening to God’s calling upon your life can be scary for some. Sometimes it means moving towns, changing jobs, walking up to a stranger in the store, but almost always includes stepping out of our comfort zones. You are standing there looking at someone and you keep getting that tugging sensation that you are supposed to speak a word of blessing to them. Go ahead, step out of your comfort zone and approach them. You never know the blessings God has in store for you or the other person when we take a moment to listen to God’s call. ~Robin

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