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Good will towards men

Luke 2:14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

What does your peace and good will towards men look like? For each of us this idea can look very different. We have different gifts and abilities but, everyone is able to have spread good will towards their fellow man. This can be even the simplest gesture of telling someone their shirt looks nice. You never know what that may end up meaning to a person. God puts us in places at times for reasons. I remember one time driving down the road and there was an elderly gentleman struggling to mow his yard and my oldest wanted to go back and help him so that is exactly what we did. It wasn't much to us, but it meant so much to him. You never know how much even a moment of time can have an impact on someone’s life. I know some of you are sitting there saying I can’t do that, that may be true, but even sitting and visiting with someone can mean so much. There are so many people in the community or nursing homes that think people have forgotten about them and are lonely especially this time of year. Even a card can bring a smile to their face. As you go through this holiday season and think about the blessing God has bestowed on you, think of the blessing you can be to others.

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