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Fruits of the Spirits Gentleness

Gentleness: hmm….we often mistake the world’s definition of gentle for meekness. Being gentle isn’t being meek nor is it letting everyone run all over you. It’s a kind touch or deed that’s needed in a given moment.

Gentleness isn’t the rip the band-aid off kind of moment, it’s trying to use the lightest touch to handle a difficult or hard situation. You’ve always heard the words it’s easier to catch a fly with honey than it is with vinegar? That’s the way our words and actions are supposed to be as we project Jesus to the world around us. Like honey, a light, kind touch to respond to any situation that may happen. Be gentle with people, and in regards to people with our actions when anything happens even when our first response is to be upset.

Each one of these fruits of the spirt is a building block, when we ignore or jump steps then we have to stop and start over. With practice comes the ability to do each of these things without even thinking about it. Gentleness of spirit doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that we work on.

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