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Fruits of the Spirit Peace

When we say the word Peace two things come to mind first: No war and the peace of Jesus. We can have both in a manner of speaking. Everyday there are many things that we face that cause us to war with ourselves. Do I do this? Or should I do that? Each can become a personal battle within ourselves that takes away our peace. When we combine no war with the peace that Jesus brings us, it makes our decisions easier. How can we do that? We should bring each decision to Jesus, but normally we don’t take the time to do that. Some decisions need common sense, but others cause us to lie awake at night wondering which is the best choice. When we take 30 seconds to say, “Hey, Jesus which path do I need to take?” We may not wake up with peace or an immediate answer with angels singing and pointing out the path, but if we at least start giving it to Jesus then we can have a certain level of peace that he will answer. We may find it in unexpected ways when a door closes or another path opens up that we hadn't considered, but when we quit warring with ourselves and give him a chance to work we might just be surprised at the results.

Peace of Jesus be with you—

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