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Fruits of the Spirit Patience

That’s a word we all dread. We’ve heard don’t pray for patience because God will give it to you. What if we took a different look at the word with the meaning: To accept or tolerate delay. Most of us believe that we are flexible when it comes to life. Oh, you just started dating, in a few years will come the wedding. Lunch next week? No, problem. In reality, we have an expectation of when things must happen. We sound really flexible or patient, but on the inside we are groaning when delayed. It’s because of our preconceived notions of what we think will happen. When things don’t follow the path that we are expecting it causes us to get angry and frustrated with the situation. How can we change our expectations so that we are more patient and flexible? This is where we have to become centered with God’s will. While the everyday things change, we have to constantly throughout our days say what would Jesus do about this? It’s hard, and has to be something we want to work on to make a difference in our lives. When a situation comes up and we feel that our frustration is growing, would Jesus react? Is this thing or event going to be life changing or is it a small blip in the grand scheme of things? Our focus and patience levels start to change when we hold it up to the path Jesus has us following. Deep breaths will help as well. Patience is considered a virtue so let’s do our best to ad it to our skill set.

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