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Fruits of the Spirit Love

What is love? It’s an emotion certainly, but what does it mean in the context of the verse above? Spirit implies that it’s a spiritual function so how do you love in the spirit?

When we are sitting in church or a restaurant and think something mean or ugly about someone we aren’t loving them. We all do it, but how can we love them through Jesus? Take those thoughts and find some way to do something nice for them. How hard is it to take two minutes and say, “Hi” or smile at them to start a conversation. They don’t bite. (Most don’t anyway.)

If you see a person in line for the food bank, don’t judge them, pick up a few extra things and swing by their home with it.

While we all understand and feel love, it’s hard to put it into action in a Christian sense. We think I can’t love them, so we don’t try. Instead, I’m challenging you to do one nice thing for someone that you don’t think you can love. Do it for the next month and see if your thoughts and attitude change. You may not ’love’ them, but if you can like them or see ways to pray for them then you’ve loved with the Fruit of the Spirit. Give it a try, I dare you.

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