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Fruits of the Spirit Goodness

Goodness: Being morally good or virtuous. How do we incorporate that into our daily lives? We’ve covered kindness which would appear similar on the surface but is slightly different. Morally good means that we stand for something on the inside that shows on the outside. We all basically know that we aren’t supposed to tell lies, steal of kill, but when we make a choice to not do those kinds of things, we are choosing to be virtuous, showing inner goodness to be above those things. That doesn’t mean we go around telling people we don’t do those things or walking around with our noses in the air, it means that when something happens you would be the last person accused because you’ve been exhibiting goodness in your life. It’s our inner core of not just knowing right from wrong but choosing to be good or do good. It’s a lifestyle of making goodness a part of our lives in such a way that others can see Christ shinning through us. Proverbs 31:12 says: “She does good to him and not evil all the days of her life.” If we take this to heart, then we are showing goodness and changing our world. 

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