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Fruits of the Spirit Faithfulness

Faithfulness….has couple of different meanings. First, what we all consider to be faithful by showing up or being somewhere on a regular basis. Sometimes that can become a drudgery and we get tired. So here is what I think is the best way to combat losing our faithfulness with guess what…faith full ness. Second, this is faith full ness is not something we normally think applies to the word, but have you ever been full of faith? Every day is a gift and when we think about how to use and apply our faith in our daily lives it gives us a chance to not only be full of faith, but over flowing with it. When you have so much faith…that stepping out and doing something without knowing the outcome it transfers into other parts of our lives. Can you imagine how excited you would be to go to a worship service if you were full of faith knowing that by showing up, God was going to meet you there and do great things? Or if you gave someone a ride or bought a meal in the drive through to pay it forward? You would be looking throughout the day excited to see what your act of faith would bring. Let’s try to be full of faithfulness while being full of faith.

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