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Fruits of the Spirit Kindness

Kindness is something everyone hopes will happen to them. We forget that being kind is a way to show that we have Jesus as our guide. We’ve seen movies and commercials that prove a small act of kindness passed on can change the world. It’s so easy to forget this one simple little Fruit of the Spirit because we walk by opportunities all the time. Letting that one car in front us into traffic, giving someone a ride, buying the meal of someone behind us all are examples of kindness. What if we started doing a secret kind act every day? Would people notice? Kindness isn’t about going the extra mile, it’s about tiny baby steps that grow into large ripples in the world around us. Kindness challenge: Do one kind thing for someone today. Then do it again tomorrow. When they say thank you, just say Pass It On. Let’s change our world one act of kindness at a time.

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